Mike the Birdman Poster 1.jpg


This film is produced by University of Arkansas Documentary Film Graduate students John Erwin, Paige Murphy, and Ninette Sosa.


What began as a story about a loner man whose year-round passion for bird watching evolved to a story about a man whose life isn't so singular after all.

Don't be fooled by Mike Mlodinow (pronounced: muh-LAUD-noff) as he can fly under the radar of most people.  He usually dons a knit-cap that keeps his full head of salt-and-pepper hair matted down, thick brown-framed glasses that press closely to his pale skinned face that has an unkempt beard; and during winter he wears bulky jackets, work pants, laced up boots and over-sized gloves that almost gives him a bird-like appearance.

Mlodinow who appears to be a loner, isn't. Mlodinow who appears to "watch" birds, does but it's not really to hear them chirp or look at their color or species.

This documentary takes the viewer deep into the world of a bird man whose life has twists and turns and is not as straight as the crow flies.